Putting Workers First

When we talk about working people we’re talking about the people who make this province tick every day—grocery store workers, administrators, healthcare workers, educators… the list goes on and on.

We might not think of ourselves as “workers” and all our jobs are unique, but when we think about what challenges we share and the contributions we make to keeping this province going, a common theme is revealed.

That’s why we need the Putting Workers First campaign. It’s about a large collective of people who show up every day for their jobs, and need the government to show up for them.

So what do we want?

We want life to be a little more manageable and prosperous for everyday working people. Record inflation is driving up the cost of living while corporate profits soar and working people find it tough to make ends meet. You work hard, and things shouldn’t be a squeeze. What does that look like?

  • A LIVING wage - immediate increase to $15/hour and move towards a living wage
  • Cancel planned PST and energy bill hikes
  • Tax profits from companies experiencing record revenues from high resource prices, and provide PST rebates to Saskatchewan workers

It's time for our government to step up and provide relief from inflation for workers. We elect these people and they work for us. It’s time for them to act like it.

Here’s where you come in

You’re busy. We get it. That’s why our job is to keep a hawkeye on the policies, issues, and budgets that our governments propose and daylight the things that are going to impact you. What the powers that be choose to do, and what they ought to be doing.

We commit to the heavy lifting and all we need is you behind us. So sign up for the emails. Follow us online. Share our materials. And help us amplify our voices together.

If we can do that together then the people who make this province what it is can live healthy, prosperous lives.