Lori Johb re-elected as President of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour

Today, delegates at the 65th Annual Saskatchewan Federation of Labour Convention re-elected Lori Johb as SFL President.

“I’d like to thank the working people of Saskatchewan for their continued support in this important role as leader of Saskatchewan’s labour movement,” Johb said. “The past year and a half has been challenging for working people, as so many frontline workers put their own health and safety at risk while our government refused to take the pandemic seriously and left working people behind. I am committed to continuing the fight to demand better for the workers who have kept our province running throughout the pandemic, and to make life better for all working people in Saskatchewan.”

Since first being elected as President in 2018, Johb has made occupational health and safety one of her top priorities, successfully lobbying the government to create a fatalities and injuries strategy to reduce the number of workers in Saskatchewan who are killed or injured on the job. Over the past year, Johb has fought to ensure the safety of workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Priorities for Johb in the coming year include continue to advocate for a worker-focused pandemic recovery, a living wage and paid sick leave for all workers, improving Saskatchewan’s Occupational Health and Safety Legislation to ensure it protects contract and gig workers.

Johb became a vice-president of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour in 2005, representing her union – SEIU-West. In 2010, Johb was elected Secretary-Treasurer of the SFL, a position she has held until she was first elected SFL president in 2018. She lives in Leroy, and is a proud healthcare worker. Johb is a passionate workplace health and safety advocate, a trained education facilitator, and has been active on issues such as women’s rights, supports for survivors of domestic violence, empowering young workers, and reconciliation within the Labour Movement.

Joining Johb as Secretary-Treasurer of the SFL is Kent Peterson. Peterson is a member of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) who lives in Regina, and currently serves as Secretary-Treasurer for CUPE Saskatchewan. In his new role as SFL Secretary-Treasurer, Peterson said he is committed to ensuring the federation of labour has the resources it needs to invest in its education, conferences, campaigns, and political action.