Tell Your MLA: Now is the time to Speak up for Safety

As the government makes plans to drop public health measures, COVID-19 still remains a serious health and safety threat for workers, who still remain at risk of contracting the virus.

The SFL continues to demand that the government:

  • Ensure proper PPE for all workers
  • Legislate ten days of paid sick leave for all workers
  • Ensure safe staffing levels in our hospitals, schools, and other public services

We all want the pandemic to end, but we need to remain vigilant to make sure that workers are kept safe. Taking these steps would go a long way to making sure that we are able to successfully beat COVID-19 once and for all and ensure that our health care system is not overwhelmed.

It's time for MLAs to start speaking up for the workers they represent who are demanding safe workplaces and a safe recovery from COVID-19.

Send a letter to your MLA demanding they speak up for worker safety. Simply put your information into the tool below, select "MLA" under "List of Representatives," and a letter will be sent to your MLA demanding Premier Scott Moe and the Saskatchewan Party take immediate action and implement additional public health orders to stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect vital frontline services.

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    Speak Up for the Safety of Workers in Saskatchewan

    As one of your constituents, I am very concerned about the government’s failure to do more to prevent the spread of the current Omicron variant of COVID-19, and the government’s decision to end public access to COVID-19 testing and to drop what few public health measures remain in place.

    We all want the pandemic to end and for things to go back to normal, but the reality is that COVID-19 remains a serious health and safety hazard for workers and high infection rates are straining our health care system . Public health measures must continue to ensure that workers are kept safe, and that we can finally end this pandemic once and for all.

    As we move forward, workers in Saskatchewan need:

    • Proper PPE available to all workers
    • Legislated ten days of paid sick leave for all workers
    • Safe staffing levels in our hospitals, schools, and other public service

    Failure to act on these recommendations, abandoning public health measures against the advice of experts, and dropping access to public testing will all make workplaces less safe and put workers and our public services at risk.

    For the sake of our community services, frontline workers, and vulnerable individuals including young children, I join the call for MLAs to speak up for safety, and take immediate action to keep Saskatchewan safe.