Protect Contract and Gig Workers

All workers deserve a safe and healthy workplace. Unfortunately, current Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Legislation doesn't cover all workers- particularly those who are contract and gig workers. The nature of work has changed drastically since the last review of OH&S legislation, and more and more Saskatchewan people are making a living as contract and gig workers. They deserve the same protections as other workers.

• Contract and gig workers, particularly women working in arts and culture, face disproportionate
amount of abuse and are at higher risk of exploitation, assault, and trafficking.
• Updating occupational health and safety standards to protect all workers, including contract and gig
workers, would especially decrease workplace violence against women, 2SLGBTQIA+, and racialized people.
• Language in occupational health and safety standards to address mental illness would help workers
targeted by harassment and abuse in the workplace.
• Other provinces’ occupational health and safety protect against sexual harassment and domestic
violence in the workplace.

We call on the Government of Saskatchewan to modernize occupational health and safety protections to protect all workers, including contract and gig workers and include comprehensive provisions on mental illness, domestic violence, and sexual harassment in the workplace.

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