The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour encourages and promotes various campaigns recognizing a need for advocacy from workers and their unions. These campaigns give our member unions & their leadership an opportunity to take a stand and show their support. At the SFL, we're fighting for all workers. We're fighting for things like:

  • Fair wages so that no worker lives in poverty, and paid sick leave so that no worker has to chose work over their own well-being.
  • Robust and modern workplace safety laws, regulations, and practices.
  • Crown corporations that maintain public control of strategic infrastructure & utilities.
  • Quality services like education, health care, transportation, that people rely on.
  • Transparency and accountability from political leaders, especially the provincial government.

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour launched Speak Up Saskatchewan in 2023 - our new home for campaigns, advocacy, and political action. Head there for the most up-to-date campaigns!

  • Work Your Rights

    Work your rights is a partnership between the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour and the Workers Compensation Boards prevention branch WorkSafe Saskatchewan.

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  • Speak Up Saskatchewan

    Speaking up for good jobs, for better schools and hospitals, and for a government that gets it.

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