The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour encourages and promotes various campaigns recognizing a need for advocacy from workers and their unions. These campaigns give our affiliates and leadership an opportunity to take a stand and show their support. At the SFL, we're fighting for all workers. We're fighting for things like:

  • Paid sick leave for all workers (always important, especially during a pandemic)
  • A LIVING wage - minimum $15/hour
  • Continued public ownership of crown corporations so we can maintain control
  • Quality services like education, health care, transportation, that people rely on
  • Better government accountability to us
  • Putting Workers First

    Putting Workers First is about a large collective of people who show up every day for their jobs, and need the government to show up for them.

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  • Work Your Rights

    Work your rights is a partnership between the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour and the Workers Compensation Boards prevention branch WorkSafe Saskatchewan.

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  • Speak up for Safety

    As the government makes plans to drop public health measures, COVID-19 still remains a serious health and safety threat for workers, who still remain at risk of contracting the virus.

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