• Minister Merriman needs to Resign

    The Saskatchewan Government let the pandemic get out of hand. Again. Now we have one of the worst rates of infection in the country. It's time for the Heath Minister to resign.

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  • Protect Contract and Gig Workers

    All workers deserve a safe and healthy workplace. Unfortunately, current Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Legislation doesn't cover all workers- particularly those who are contract and gig workers. The nature of work has changed drastically since the last review of OH&S legislation, and more and more Saskatchewan people are making a living as contract and gig workers. They deserve the same protections as other workers.

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  • Paid Sick Leave

    More than half of all Canadian workers have no access to paid sick leave. When they’re sick, they face an impossible choice between making ends meet and staying home to protect public health and get better. It’s a decision nobody should have to make. Sign on to show your support for paid sick leave for all workers in Saskatchewan.

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