Education Committee

Who We Are

Labour education is collective learning and development designed to strengthen unions and their individual members, to instill belief in trade union principles, and to achieve social and economic justice for workers and our communities.

The SFL Education Committee works to promote and sponsor educational opportunities for workers which are:

  • union-oriented in content
  • accessible in terms of design, location, content, and cost
  • designed to empower workers to change their workplaces and the world

The SFL Education Committee supports and develops union education in Saskatchewan that:

  • places an emphasis on supporting education which follows a popular education format and principles, and on supporting worker educators to develop the skills and knowledge to deliver popular education
  • provides unions and workers with information on how to increase and strengthen worker education for their members
  • supports efforts to extend educational activities to affiliates, union members and staff, and to nonunionized workers and young workers
  • promotes the inclusion and full participation of workers from equity-seeking groups and of young workers in delivering and receiving worker education

Committee Members

Kent Peterson, SFL, Chair
Luke Benson, UFCW
Paul Chevrier, USW
Gary Day, CUPE
Dana Franklin, USW
Amy Huziak, URFA
Megan Stewart, SEIU-West
Erin Thomsen, SUN
Russell Vaagen, USW
Carol Yuzik, SGEU
Deanna Ogle, CLC
Taylor Apperley, SFL Staff

Terms of Reference


  • Kent Peterson

  • Taylor Apperley

    Education and Project Coordinator