Pension and Benefits Committee

Who We Are

The SFL Pension and Benefits Committee provides a forum for SFL affiliates to participate in a critical analysis of pension and benefits issues. The Committee provides information to the SFL Executive Council, ensuring that opportunities for awareness, education and participation is provided to affiliates/members allowing everyone to make informed decisions on pension and benefits issues and truly create a change for the betterment of all.

Committee Members

Jeff Sweet, IBEW, Chair
John Gangl, SURF
Todd Hewlin, USW
Darren Kurmey, SUN
Marilynne MacFarlane, UFCW
Katey McGovern, RWDSU
Lou Ellen Murray, SEIU-West
Diane Ralph, SGEU
Landon Schaffer, URFA
Lori Jardine, SFL Staff
Laura Leahy, SFL Staff

SFL Pension & Benefits Conference

Planning Together for a Better Tomorrow: The SFL Pension & Benefits Conference was held on March 22 and 23, 2023 in Regina.

Reference below for conference presentations and material.

Terms of Reference


  • Jeff Sweet

  • Laura Leahy

    Accounting Administrator
  • Lori Jardine

    Administrative Assistant, Executive