Women's Committee

Who We Are

The SFL Women's Committee works to provide a forum for SFL affiliates to participate in a critical analysis of issues affecting women and girls.

Committee Members

Stephanie Kerr, COPE, Chair
Lori Johb, SFL
Kimberley Brace, USW
Cynthia Bramham, COPE
Teryn Fisher, SUN
Dana Franklin, USW
Judy Hrycuik, UFCW
Trina Joseph, URFA
Karla Sastaunik, CUPE
Crystal Tholl, SUN
Tanya Turner, SGEU
Ashlee Hicks, CLC
Taylor Apperley, SFL Staff
Jessica Boyer, SFL Staff

What We Do

The SFL Women's Committee works to provide information to the SFL Executive Council, ensuring that opportunities for awareness, education and participation are provided to affiliates/members allowing everyone to make informed decisions on issues affecting women.

Our work includes providing speakers and advanced leadership training courses for trade union women, organizing the fight for pay equity, organizing the fight for childcare rights, maternity leave, health care, discrimination in benefits and pensions.

Prairie School for Union Women

The Prairie School for Union Women offers trade union women an intensive four days of learning and sharing in a supportive environment. The goals of the school are to develop women’s personal and leadership skills and to build solidarity among women workers. Whether you are a woman who is a long time activist or just starting to get involved in your union, this school is open to you. The PSUW is held annually in June. Find more information about Prairie School on the Events page.

Childcare Now- Building a system of Early Learning and Childcare in Saskatchewan

How do you build a system of early learning and child care in Saskatchewan? Watch the video below and find out.

Terms of Reference

SFL Women's Policy Statement


  • Jason Hicks

    COPE 397
  • Jessica Boyer

    Administrative Assistant, Human Rights/Equity
  • Lori Johb

  • Taylor Apperley

    Education and Project Coordinator