Workers of Colour Committee

Who We Are

The SFL Workers of Colour Committee was founded upon the desire to recognize the changing demographics in our province. The committee’s goal is to embrace this change through organizing, educating and empowering workers of colour to fully participate within our union.

Committee Members

JR Simpson, CUPE, Chair
Muna De Ciman, SGEU
Malik Draz, USW
Catherine Marquez-Pelech, SUN
Barbara McNeil, URFA
Joahn Murdoch, SEIU-West
Mariam Nganzo, SUN
Shobna Radons, CUPW
Jessica Boyer, SFL Staff

What We Do

The SFL Workers of Colour Committee works to provide a forum for SFL Affiliates to participate in a critical analysis of Workers of Colour issues and to undertake actions related to those issues. We provide information to the SFL executive council, ensuring that opportunities for awareness, education and participation is provided to affiliates/members allowing everyone to make informed decisions and take actions on Workers of Colour issues.

Each year, workers of colour have a caucus meeting at the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour convention to encourage new members to get involved. The caucus also provides a safe place for members’ to discuss concerns and issues. We work to bring awareness to racial profiling, discriminatory legislation, and economic disparity.

We fight racism and promote the human rights and equality rights of racialized workers. We also work to end discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Racial equity is a goal we all strive for.

Terms of Reference


  • J.R. Simpson

    Workers of Colour
  • Jessica Boyer

    Administrative Assistant, Human Rights/Equity