Workers With Disabilities Committee

Who We Are

The SFL Workers with Disabilities Committee works to move issues forward that directly affect workers with disabilities in the labour movement. The Committee was founded as an official standing committee of the SFL at the 2021 convention. The committee is currently seeking representation from all SFL affiliates. For more information, contact the Workers with Disabilities Vice President.

Committee Members

Tina Millar, RWDSU, Chair
Jessica Bonish, PSAC
Tim Hubick, PSAC
Victor Iron, USW
Erica Marwick, CUPE
Leigh (Velda) McCormick, UFCW
Rebecca Pott, SUN
Janelle Roy, SGEU
Carla Smith, SURF
Lindsey Stephenson, COPE
Linda Suchorab, SUN
Jessica Boyer, SFL Staff

Terms of Reference


  • Tina Millar

    Workers With Disabilities
  • Jessica Boyer

    Administrative Assistant, Human Rights/Equity