Ready For Work Program

SFL Ready for Work Program

The Ready for Work Program is a project that the SFL runs in co-operation with the Workers' Compensation Board and Saskatchewan Labour. It is designed to reach as many new workers as possible, including high school students and new hires, in schools and workplaces across the province.

The RFW Program consists primarily of a presentation called Slides to Safety, a one to two-hour powerpoint show that educates students and workers about their health and safety rights on the job, including:

  • the right to participate in occupational health and safety workplace committees;
  • the right to proper training and information about hazards on the job;
  • the right to refuse unusually dangerous work.

The presentation also includes information on common health and safety hazards, workplace violence and harassment, farm safety, and basic safety tips.

RFW is delivered by trade unionists, who supplement the slideshow with true stories of young people who were injured on the job in preventable accidents.

If time permits, health and safety videos designed for young people may also be shown.

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour has delivered Ready for Work presentations to Saskatchewan high school students and to workers since 1992 and the number of people we reach continues to grow ever year.

If you are interested in receiving the presentation, or you would like to be trained to become a Ready for Work presenter, please contact the Ready for Work Co-ordinator at (306)525-0197 or email SFL Ready for Work Coordinator Janelle Gerard.

Work Your Rights

Work your rights is a partnership between the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour and the Workers Compensation Board's prevention branch WorkSafe Saskatchewan. Work your rights was developed to be a one stop website for young workers looking for answers to their questions about occupational health and safety and labour standards. Visit the Work Your Rights website.

Ready for Work App

The SFL is proud to have launched a new mobile app in conjunction with the Ready for Work Program. The app contains information about a worker's rights at work, labour standards, and occupational health and safety. Download the app, available for Apple and Android devices, in the App Store by searching "Ready for Work"

Contact Information- Saskatchewan Labour Standards

If you suspect your workplace is breaking any of Saskatchewan's employment laws, there is help out there for you!

To report labour law violations, contact Employment Standards at 1-800-667-1783 or

To report occupational health and safety violations, contact the Ministry of Labour Relations at 1-800-567-7233 or

Help spread the word by downloading and sharing our Labour Standards Contact Information Poster.


For more information on the Ready for Work Program, contact Janelle Gerard, SFL Ready for Work Coordinator.

  • Janelle Gerard

    Ready for Work Coordinator