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Send a letter to your MLA to let them know you support students' rights and condemn anti-2SLGBTQ+ education policies.

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    Speaking up for students' rights

    As your constituent, I am very concerned about the Sask Party government’s recent anti-2SLGBTQI+ education policies in the name of so-called 'parental inclusion.' In the words of Saskatchewan Advocate for Children & Youth, "I am deeply troubled by the impact this policy will have on the rights of children in Saskatchewan."

    I support communication and collaboration between home and school, but I do *not* support outing vulnerable kids. This will intentionally fuel homophobic and transphobic hatred at school, work, and home.

    These policy changes will negatively impact:

    • Autonomy & safety. Some vulnerable youth will be undoubtedly forced into unsupportive and unsafe situations at both school and home.
    • Confidentiality & trust. By implementing this policy, youth will refrain from seeking support from school staff they may otherwise trust, ultimately leading to further isolation.
    • Stigma. This policy will create a hostile learning environment where some students will be alienated and bullied.
    • Sexual health literacy. Universal and consent-focused sexual health education is critical to reduce Saskatchewan's nation-leading levels of teen pregnancy, HIV and STI rates, and intimate partner violence.

    I join the call for Premier Moe, Minister Cockrill, the Saskatchewan Party government, and all MLAs to revoke these harmful, regressive policies.