End of proof of vaccination requirement puts workers at risk

The provincial government’s decision to end proof of vaccination requirements will put the safety of workers at risk as COVID-19 continues to spread across the province and hospitalizations remain high.

“COVID-19 still remains a serious health and safety threat for workers,” said Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) President Lori Johb. “By removing proof of vaccination requirements, workers are at greater risk of contracting the virus.”

The SFL continues to demand that the government:

  • Ensure proper PPE for all workers
  • Legislate ten days of paid sick leave for all workers
  • Ensure safe staffing levels in our hospitals, schools, and other public services

“We all want the pandemic to end, but we need to remain vigilant to make sure that workers are kept safe,” Johb said. “Taking the steps we’ve outlined would go a long way to making sure that we are able to successfully beat COVID-19 once and for all and ensure that our health care system is not overwhelmed.”

Johb also raised concerns about workers facing harassment as health orders are lifted and workers continue to take precautions and wear PPE.

“Workers have the right to be safe at work, and should be able to have access to and wear the PPE that they need to avoid contracting COVID,” Johb said. “Both the government and employers must make sure that workers are able to wear whatever PPE they need to be safe without facing harassment from members of the public.”