Provincial budget fails to put workers first


June 15, 2020

Provincial budget fails to put workers first

Today’s provincial budget missed an opportunity to invest in Saskatchewan’s workers, continuing an unfortunate pattern with the current provincial government.

“The best way to boost the economy, create jobs, and strengthen communities is to put workers first,” said SFL President Lori Johb, “today’s provincial budget has very little for the people that actually power our economy – workers. Ignoring working people has become an unfortunate pattern for the Sask. Party government,” she added.

COVID-19 highlights the importance of workers in every facet of Saskatchewan’s economy and society, yet they have been shut out of today’s provincial budget.

“Workers were looking for a commitment in the budget to jumpstart the economy by raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Raising the minimum wage boosts spending, creates jobs, and keeps money in our local communities,” she added, “working people were also looking for paid sick days, substantially more funding for public services, and affordable childcare so people can get back to work knowing their children are well-cared for,” she added.

The provincial budget also lacked a comprehensive plan to fix ling-term care in Saskatchewan.

“We have real problems in long-term care in Saskatchewan,” said Johb, “we were hoping to see investments to create fairly-paid, fulltime jobs in the sector, as well as minimum care standards, and more funding to replace aging equipment in provincial facilities,” she added.

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