Minimum wage increases a victory for working people in Saskatchewan: SFL

Today’s announcement of a substantial increase to the province’s minimum wage over the next two years is a victory for working people all across the province, says the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL).

“Todays announcement of minimum wage increases leading to $15 an hour by 2024 is a big win for workers, and a direct result of years of lobbying, campaigning, and political pressure from the SFL and our union affiliates,” said SFL President Lori Johb. “For years, workers have been told by their government, their employers, and powerful corporate lobby groups that they weren’t worth more than poverty wages. Today’s announcement proves that when workers use our collective power to demand better, we can get results. I am proud to be able to say that Saskatchewan’s labour movement has finally won the fight for 15.”

Johb said that today’s announcement will have an impact on both workers and the provincial economy.

“Workers and their families will have more money in their pockets and invest that money directly back into their communities. While businesses and large corporations have long warned that minimum wage increases would lead to higher prices and job losses, the success of other jurisdictions with higher minimum wages have proven that to not be the case. In fact, provinces that have already implemented $15 an hour minimum wages have seen higher economic growth than Saskatchewan.”

Johb noted the high rates of inflation and increased cost of living that workers are currently dealing with, and called on the government to implement a $15 an hour minimum wage immediately in order to make sure that workers are able to make ends meet.

“Workers shouldn’t have to wait two years for $15 an hour to be fully implemented,” Johb said. “At a time when so many are struggling to meet basic needs. Workers have deserved this minimum wage boost for a long time- they can’t afford to wait any longer.”

Johb also said that the labour movement will keep pushing for increases to the minimum wage to ensure that all workers in the province receive a living wage.

“People shouldn’t have to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet. The SFL and the provincial labour movement will keep fighting for fair wages for all workers that keep pace with the rising cost of living.”