Saskatchewan workers need relief from inflation, high fuel prices: SFL

Today, the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour is calling on the provincial government to come up with a plan to provide working people with financial relief from the skyrocketing prices of basic necessities due to inflation and high fuel prices.

“While the province is seeing a windfall from record resource revenues, Workers across the province are struggling to make ends meet,” said SFL President Lori Johb. “The government’s balance sheet might be looking good, but workers are struggling with their personal finances and are worried about how they will be able to afford groceries or put gas in their car.”

With inflation at it’s highest point in 40 years, and a recent survey showing a growing number of Saskatchewan workers are unable to pay their bills, taking on new debt and even selling off their personal possessions to make ends meet due to the rapidly rising cost of living, the SFL is calling on the province to take action to address affordability and provide workers with financial relief, including:

  • Immediately increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and come up with a plan to introduce a living wage in the province
  • Scrap planned PST hikes passed in the 2022 provincial budget and cancel proposed power rate hikes
  • Tax profits from companies experiencing record revenues from high resource prices, and provide PST rebates to Saskatchewan people

“It’s time for the Sask. Party to stop being so worried about balancing the budget for their own political gain and cancel their tax and utility hikes, said Johb. “Workers need relief, and this government needs to step up and take action."