SFL launches campaign to demand workers are kept safe from continued COVID spread

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) is kicking off the “Speak up for Safety” month of action to demand that Sask. Party MLAs stop catering to extremists and start speaking up for their constituents who are demanding continued public health measures and actions to ensure safe workplaces and a path to recovery from COVID-19.

The month of action, taking place throughout February at demonstrations across the province as well as online, will put pressure on Sask. Party MLAs who have stood silent as the Premier has spread misinformation and supported anti-vaccine extremists while ignoring frontline workers and the advice of public health experts.

“We all want the pandemic to end and for things to go back to normal, but the reality is that COVID-19 remains a serious health and safety hazard for workers,” Johb said. “Workers will not sit quietly and let the Sask. Party move forward with their plans to make workplaces less safe by dropping public health measures and ending public access to testing just so they can please their political base.”

Workers are demanding that the Sask. Party:

  • Scrap plans to cancel public access to PCR testing, daily case reporting and proof of vaccination
  • Ensure proper PPE for all workers
  • Legislate ten days of paid sick leave for all workers
  • Ensure safe staffing levels in our hospitals, schools, and other public services

“These measures must be taken now to ensure that workers are kept safe, and that we can finally end this pandemic once and for all,” Johb said. “It’s time for Sask. Party MLAs to break their silence and finally start speaking up for the workers they represent.”