Workers rally at legislature after Labour Minister refuses to face crowd at SFL convention

Minister cancelled convention appearance after announcing the firing of 350 SGEU members

Workers are rallying at the legislature today following the Sask. Party’s announcement that the government is planning on firing over 350 SGEU members and closing all remaining SLGA stores in the province.

While there would have been an opportunity for the Sask. Party to explain themselves at the SFL’s annual convention, Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety Don Morgan abruptly cancelled his scheduled appearance following yesterday’s announcement.

“The Minister agreed to attend our convention months ago, as workers have a lot of questions about the Sask. Party’s failure to do anything to address the cost of living crisis, their schemes to privatize health care, and their general lack of respect for working people in this province,” said SFL President Lori Johb. “It’s shameful that the Minister doesn’t have the courage to come to our convention to look workers in the eye and explain why his Sask. Party government is firing over 350 public sector workers, shutting down money-making retail stores and handing the profits off to private corporations. Since the Minister isn’t willing to answer to working people at our convention, we’re coming to him. Workers will make sure their voices are heard.”

Johb said that the Sask. Party’s decision to close money-making SLGA stores flies in the face of their claims that they’re creating jobs and “growth for everyone.”

“This decision is the exact opposite of what the Sask. Party claims to be doing, and it’s a huge blow to the hundreds of professional SLGA staff and their families. The only ones who will benefit from closing these stores are private, out-of-province liquor retailers who will take the profits out of Saskatchewan and out of our economy.”